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We’ve invested in the best hybrid meeting technology and internet bandwidth to help you deliver premium virtual experiences, that may be watched by anyone, from anywhere, at anytime.

We’ve also brought in a team of tech experts from TV + broadcast media. Our team will help you rehearse, plan and take care of all eventualities so that you can focus on engaging your virtual audience.

So here we are. A gateway to help you connect your live world to your virtual world.

The packages below are a starting point for discussion.  Hybrid + virtual events often require tailored solutions, so if you don’t see what you need or you don’t quite know the questions to ask, please contact us so we can help.

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connect + collaborate

A simple but effective Hybrid video conferencing solution that can be included on request at no extra charge.


Ideal for…

A mostly face-to face meeting or workshop, with a few people who cannot attend in person.

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connect and collaborate hybrid package

pre-record your content

When time is on your side, pre-record your content to achieve a polished and professional presentation. Pre-record and playback key parts of your presentation so it appears live, meaning your performance is rehearsed and flawless, leaving you free to focus on live Q&A or any interactive elements.


Ideal for…

Piece to camera for social media, company updates, webinars, interviews, case studies and focus groups. The pre-recorded option works well for anything that does not need to go live immediately.

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profession hybrid solutions in london

present like a pro

When your laptop camera simply won’t cut it, take your video presentations to the next level of quality.


Ideal for…

Smaller numbers of speakers presenting to any number of virtual participants. For premium quality company announcements, pitches or simply to improve the overall quality of your meeting or presentation.

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space to film pre recrded content london

simple studio experience

Professionally share your event beyond the people in the room. Record, livestream and edit your content on-site. Be confident of reaching your audience seamlessly with this flexible studio option.

The action will look and sound just as good online as it does in person.


Ideal for…

Small scale events, panel discussions, stakeholder interviews, fireside chats and moderated Q&As. Perfect if your presenters are all in one place and you need to deliver a dynamic and engaging product to a virtual and on-site audience.

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hybrid meeting studio london

complete studio experience

Great for larger, more complex events with a combination of onsite and global speakers.

Host your hybrid or virtual event both on site and through our virtual broadcast studio providing a seamless integrated experience for all attendees.  No matter where your speakers and audience are, they can all be part of your story.


Ideal for…

Large scale global conferences, AGM meetings, hybrid or completely virtual events. As a hugely experienced production team within the virtual event space, we can help ensure that your content is as engaging as possible for a virtual audience.

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global virtual conference space london

Still unsure what you need? This flowchart may help (click to enlarge)…

Hybrid decision flowchart


We’re in the business of connecting people – helping them to collaborate and innovate. Our hybrid specialists are here to help you navigate the hybrid and virtual space, providing you with tailored technology solutions and advising on content. It’s important to us that virtual or hybrid events reflect your company brand/feel whilst making you look good by providing a seamless experience. We’ll continue to advise you throughout the planning process and on the day so you can can concentrate on delivering great content and the job at hand, not on technology and troubleshooting.

We have a range of flexible and scalable hybrid and virtual events – everything from conferencing for a few people who can’t attend face to face to virtual broadcast studios for larger, more complex events. Our packages are a starting point for discussion, not a ‘one size fits all’ approach. By understanding what you want to achieve, we can guide you through what’s possible and recommend a solution.

Despite the obvious barriers to meeting face-to-face due to the Coronavirus pandemic, hybrid and virtual events can help you reach an un-tapped global audience, are much more cost effective compared to live events and can help save the environment by reducing business travel. Virtual events can also make for quality content after your meeting has taken place as you can record, edit and share your content online.

At wallacespace, you can bring hosts/ presenters and participants together on-site to achieve a polished and seamless outcome.

You will need a rehearsal for any live event due to the increased complexity of hosting the event from a live standpoint. A rehearsal is always helpful to ensure that everybody is aware of how the day is going to flow and we can advise on the best way to deliver your content. We can schedule in the rehearsal for the morning or a few days before.

If some of your presenters are in various locations, we’ll run a virtual rehearsal with them. We’ll take them through step by step so they fully understand when they will be presenting, how to access their camera and sound and the cues to watch out for. We can do a practice run before the live event so they are comfortable with the chosen platform.

An interactive Q+A is a good way for audiences to be involved throughout and measure engagement. Interactive apps such as Slido means you can open questions up to audiences throughout the event. They can be answered live and may prompt other questions and further discourse on topics important to your audience.

No, you can’t see your audience if you’re running a large event with hundreds of people. However, there are various ways for us to create a sense of engagement with your audience including apps for live polling, Q+As, videos and breakout rooms.

Yes! We can give you a report that will show each attendee’s name, email and the time spent at the virtual event. Depending on your chosen interactive app and/or platform, we can also create a report on engagement stats.

The Wallacespace set up for hybrid events is fantastic. They are well equipped to run great Zoom based events that bring people together in person and online but where they really excel is in their TV quality broadcast abilities. With tech support running the show throughout the day our broadcast was hugely professional and made the experience for everyone at home as good as those attending in the room. It is well worth the investment.

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