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Wallacespaces are a blank canvas for meeting, learning and events. Inspiring, energising, Central London spaces for you to use as creatively as you like.

Environment affects thinking, and we have bright, flexible spaces for you to connect, collaborate and think clearly without distractions. We’re told it’s our people and how we do things that make the difference to outcomes; we look for reasons to say ‘yes’ and understand that small details make a big difference.

Our friendly team of experts will help you plan your day to ensure it runs like clockwork, leaving you free to focus on the job in hand.

If you’re anything like us, spending more time working virtually has really demonstrated the value of meeting face-to-face. Isolation is the enemy of innovation and we are in the business of providing safe, inspiring and collaborative meeting and workspaces.

Hybrid and virtual meetings are here to stay. We’ve invested in the best virtual tech, delivering premium experiences for online meetings and conferences that can be joined by anyone, from anywhere at any time.

Our stylish spaces are also the perfect place to get together for networking, celebrations and dinners. Find out more about our celebrations.

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Thanks for your help in setting up and hosting our recent client workshop. As you know it was a critical workshop for us and enabled a vital session with our client. There was a fair amount of concern in advance about the venue and afterwards there was acknowledgement of how comfortable people felt despite the context.   It was clear you had thought about how you could replicate the Wallace Space experience. The way you’d adapted was both very effective and very comforting – even the sweet shop sweets had been made covid appropriate! The changes to the food service worked well and it was clear all staff involved were taking social distancing seriously.   Thanks again and happy to recommend Wallace Space as a Covid appropriate venue

Rob Jones

Director, Arup