The way we work and the environments in which we work have changed, dramatically so in 2020 with the Coronavirus pandemic, but our workplaces had been evolving for years and will continue to do so. Human-centric space design has become more prevalent as we learn more about how our surroundings influence our thoughts, feelings and behaviour.

The Coronavirus forced us all into home working, temporarily at least, and this shift has thrown into sharp focus the importance of the physical space in which we work and the need to interact with other people in order to create, collaborate and innovate. It’s about so much more than ‘just a room’

We recently discovered some Finnish research, conducted by Kaisa Oksanen (University of Jyväskylä) and Professor Pirjo Ståhle (Finland Futures Research Centre, University of Turku), into the impact of environment on innovation, which encapsulates for us what we have learnt over the years we have been in the business of providing ‘space’.

The research identified 5 key characteristics of spaces which best support innovation. They are:

Collaboration enabling
Innovation is a social process.
Wallacespace has long advocated that space should allow for collaboration and human interaction, with free breakout spaces and areas that allow for those ‘water cooler moments’ to flourish – communal dining and break areas.
Even with social distancing in place, we are still encouraging and providing for these interactions,
albeit from a safe, 2 meter distance.

Just as innovation requires flexible thinking, innovative spaces require flexible design. Wallacespaces are built with flexibility in mind and our teams have this flexibility at the heart of everything we do.

Smartness of tech
Technology is and will increasingly be used to connect and collaborate with those who cannot be physically in a room with us, especially with the current restrictions on the way we live, travel and do business. We have increased the capability of our in-house tech, and we are also now working with partners to offer a huge range of exciting new hybrid and virtual meeting opportunities. You can read more about our tech offering here.

At wallacespace, we seek to provide inspiring, interesting spaces which stimulate conversation (this is why we theme our spaces) and in which people feel comfortable. We don’t do overly ‘designed’ interiors, because we know that our rooms must also be flexible, useful working spaces, in which people think, create and stick things to the walls.

Value reflecting
According to the research, the ‘values’ of innovation include openness, sustainability and collaboration, and it was found that innovative spaces mirror these values.

We are in the business of providing environments that influence innovation and creative thinking.
When we design our spaces we consider how you, our client, will use the space and whether the environment we create will best serve your end goals.

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I loved the photos and bits of Roy Wallace’s electronic equipment around the place. It made me thing someone had thought about this. Miles better than the usual generic decor in rooms-for-hire, which can detract from creativity through its sheer blandness. Roy’s stuff kicked off a few very interesting trains of thought for me. I appreciate the personality that has gone into your interiors.

Matthew Burgess