Simple studio experience

Professionally share your event beyond the people in the room. Record, livestream and edit your content on-site. Be confident of reaching your audience seamlessly with this flexible studio option.

The action will look and sound just as good online as it does in person.

Ideal for…

Small scale events, panel discussions, stakeholder interviews, fireside chats and moderated Q&As. Perfect if your presenters are all in one place and you need to deliver a dynamic and engaging product to a virtual and on-site audience.

More detail…

Seamlessly stream your event with 2 cameras, multiple external device (VT/computer) feeds and high quality audio.  Provides a high quality live broadcast and vision mix to include any slides, graphics or pre-recorded video – with the ability to stream to 1000’s of people globally.

Our dedicated team manage and oversee all elements of the live stream allowing you to focus on what you do best.

We also offer on-site camera coaching to ensure all presenters understand the best way to present material to an online audience.

What’s included?

studio experience meeting room london

How does it work?

We can record your event, stream it live and edit all the content on-site. Our friendly video team will work alongside you to plan and create the best product possible.

We ensure your event looks great, is available online and if needed we can edit on site into new shorter formats for immediate use.

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