Pre-record your content

When time is on your side, pre-record your content to achieve a polished and professional presentation. Pre-record and playback key parts of your presentation so it appears live, meaning your performance is rehearsed and flawless, leaving you free to focus on live Q&A or any interactive elements.

Ideal for…

Piece to camera for social media, company updates, webinars, interviews, case studies and focus groups. The pre-recorded option works well for anything that does not need to go live immediately.

More detail…

Our team work with you to re-create a live environment set up for any pre-recorded filming, presentations or event content.

What are the benefits?

Take your time – rehearse and take time to ensure your content is polished + professional.

Multiple angles and multiple takes – using multiple camera angles allows us to create dynamic edits from multiple takes, ensuring the best performance possible from your participants.

Make it your way – our in house edit team will work with you to create the final product ready for launch.

Finishing touches – keep it simple or add graphics, film and animated elements to help improve the overall look and feel of the edit.

How does it work?

Our dedicated production and post-production team work alongside you from start to finish, you will have support at every stage to create the best product possible. Your finished product is a high quality film to share on social media, play as live in webinars or presentations or use in whichever way you choose.

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