our wallywood

In 2019 we planted 750 trees, including maple, silver birch, beech and hornbeam, in an acre of woodland in Leicestershire.

We recently visited our ‘Wallywood’ and are delighted that most of the trees are now over 5ft tall.

Working together to reduce our carbon footprint and tackle the issue of climate change…

This year we have planted a further 500 trees in half a hectare of National Trust woodland in Gloucestershire.

Species planted this year include native broad leaves and juniper, oak, beech and crab apple trees

We are trying to tread lightly on the planet in every area of our business. We recycle old tech, use energy efficient light bulbs, and source our food locally where possible. We’re trying, but of course there’s always more to do. You can find out more about our CSR policies here. Please do share any suggestions and ideas with us at ask@wallacespace.com.