Venue ID Venue Name Parent Group Name/Building
55243SoyuzApollo & Soyuz
55242ApolloApollo & Soyuz
1001661821990 + 19911989, 1990 + 1991
1001661831989 + 19901989, 1990 + 1991
10016491619911989, 1990 + 1991
10016491719901989, 1990 + 1991
10016491819891989, 1990 + 1991
11992SaltSalt & Pepper
11993PepperSalt & Pepper
11975The Locker RoomLocker & Rudder Room
11976The Rudder RoomLocker & Rudder Room
55244ArianeWallacespace Spitalfields
55258StrelkaWallacespace Spitalfields
55257BelkaWallacespace Spitalfields
55256LunaWallacespace Spitalfields
55255LaikaWallacespace Spitalfields
55252SputnikWallacespace Spitalfields
55250VostokWallacespace Spitalfields
55245TelstarWallacespace Spitalfields
55249GagarinWallacespace Spitalfields
55248AldrinWallacespace Spitalfields
55247ArmstrongWallacespace Spitalfields
55246ValentinaWallacespace Spitalfields
55260Show-roundWallacespace Spitalfields
55259The Rooftop KitchenWallacespace Spitalfields
100127290AL NOTES:Wallacespace Spitalfields
11996TeaTea & Coffee
11997CoffeeTea & Coffee
1001649091969Wallacespace Covent Garden
1001649101965Wallacespace Covent Garden
1001649111959Wallacespace Covent Garden
1001649121956Wallacespace Covent Garden
1001649132019Wallacespace Covent Garden
1001649141994Wallacespace Covent Garden
1001649191979Wallacespace Covent Garden
1001649211977Wallacespace Covent Garden
1001649221972Wallacespace Covent Garden
100166156The Kitchen at 53Wallacespace Covent Garden
100166634Showround at 53Wallacespace Covent Garden
100150241AstoriaWallacespace Covent Garden
100150240ScalaWallacespace Covent Garden
100150239BlitzWallacespace Covent Garden
100150238RoundhouseWallacespace Covent Garden
100150237MarqueeWallacespace Covent Garden
100151210The KitchenWallacespace Covent Garden
2500003376th FloorWallacespace Covent Garden
100151209Show-roundWallacespace Covent Garden
12001SilkSilk & Cotton
12002CottonSilk & Cotton
11978GingerWallacespace Clerkenwell Green
12018SugarWallacespace Clerkenwell Green
11994TinWallacespace Clerkenwell Green
11995CopperWallacespace Clerkenwell Green
11998HempWallacespace Clerkenwell Green
11999JuteWallacespace Clerkenwell Green
12000FlaxWallacespace Clerkenwell Green
12003Penthouse b with B/OWallacespace Clerkenwell Green
12004Penthouse aWallacespace Clerkenwell Green
12013The DenWallacespace Clerkenwell Green
12010The KitchenWallacespace Clerkenwell Green
12012Show-roundWallacespace Clerkenwell Green
100127292EC NOTES:Wallacespace Clerkenwell Green
11991Nest 1Wallacespace St Pancras
11990Nest 2Wallacespace St Pancras
11952The Corner roomWallacespace St Pancras
12015Clipper RoomWallacespace St Pancras
12016Square room twoWallacespace St Pancras
11951The Dog legWallacespace St Pancras
11953The Long roomWallacespace St Pancras
11954Square room oneWallacespace St Pancras
11955The Glass roomWallacespace St Pancras
11973The Keel RoomWallacespace St Pancras
15813The Pink RoomWallacespace St Pancras
11957The KitchenWallacespace St Pancras
11961Show-roundWallacespace St Pancras
100127291SP NOTES:Wallacespace St Pancras
250054233Room 1Online Booking Testing
250054234Room 2Online Booking Testing
250054235Room 3Online Booking Testing
Total rooms: 80

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