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5 ways we reduce waste at wallacespace

We know how important our environment is at wallacespace so here’s 5 ways we’re reducing waste on World Environment Day (and every other day too).

1. We use fabric wallacespace tote bags rather than plastic bags which are not bio-degradable. These are always in our office so if you’re in need, help yourselves.

2. We’ve recently refreshed all of our whiteboard markers to ensure that you’re always getting the best quality products. All of our unused markers have been donated to local schools to help build the brains of tomorrow.

3. You can find bottles of sparkling and still water in all of our fridges alongside plenty of glasses to share. This reduces the number of plastic wasted on cups significantly.

4. You’ll notice that each of our rooms have plenty of pens and we’re happy to say that each one has been recycled from old flip charts.

5. Both recycling and food bins are dotted around our buildings to ensure that we’re recycling thoughtfully. We’re proud to say that we’ve recycled 109,950kg in the last year.