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Danka's Gardening Tips Part III

At wallacespace, all our buildings are seasoned with beautiful flowers. Danka, our exceptional housekeeper at St Pancras, has some top tips for keeping indoor plants in springy condition.


  1. 1 Everyone likes to get out and have some fresh air and so do your plants. Move any kind of palm tree, succulent or most flowery plants outside on a sunny day and your plant will have a whole new lease of life.
  1. 2 Be careful not to overwater your plants. It’s easier to revive a dry plant than rescue drowned roots.
  1. 3 Although repotting your plants can be done at any time, the best time is just before growth begins. For most house plants this is in spring, so now the ‘Beast from the East’ has finally abandoned its efforts, it’s time to get your gardening gloves on.