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How to: Keep your orchids blooming

Danka is the green-fingered guru of the garden who keeps wallacespace St Pancras looking blooming lovely.

We’ve had so many people asking how she keeps the orchids flowering that we’ve asked her to write down her top tips to keep your plants blossoming.

Danka says:
When buying an orchid, first of all check the roots – they need to be thick and bright green.

Also, have a good look at the flowers on the stems – if all the flowers are in full bloom already, in a couple of days they could all drop off so go for one with lots of buds.

Orchids like to live in nice bright, sunny areas but avoid direct sunlight and draughts.

Water your orchid once a week, when the roots are just starting to dry out. There’s lots of different advice on the internet, but here’s how Danka does it:

Always water in the morning.
Add some orchid food to the water (we use “baby bio” but there are lots of different brands out there).
Fill a pot or bucket with this prepared water and give the orchid a little bath; dunk the whole thing in the water, pots and all. Leave it like that for couple of hours then drain the water off.
Never leave the orchid standing in the water for more than one day.

And that’s it. Voila, as they say. Here’s hoping your orchids will be blooming marvellous from here on in.

Orchid 1

orchid 2

orchid 3