Sustainability @ wallacespace

At wallacespace we believe that a clear conscience is important for clear thinking. Our sustainability practices mean a
lot to us and we strive to reduce our environmental impact and have a positive effect on the world around us.

You can download our CSR policy to learn more about how we’re doing our bit.



We have two bins in each room. One for food recycling and one for all other waste. All of our waste is sent to First Mile to be sorted and 98% is recycled.

Recycling icon

We don’t send anything to landfill, recycling 98% of our waste. Anything that can’t be recycled is turned into energy, electricity and bio fertiliser by First Mile, our waste
disposal people.

Recycled tech

We recycle all of our tech, including ink cartridges, batteries, screens and laptops.


energy efficient light bulbs

We use energy efficient light bulbs throughout our spaces and don’t turn lights on just for ‘show’.

Food icon

The food we serve is always seasonal and sourced locally where possible. On the rare occasion we have excess lunches, we deliver to St Mungos homeless shelter.

fair trade + organic

We use fresh, ethically produced ingredients sourced locally where possible. Our fish is from MSC certified places, meaning we only use fish that are sustainable.



When we make boxed lunches we either use re-usable stainless steel bento boxes or Vegware packaging which is made from plants and easily compostable. The disposable cutlery we use is compostable too.

Electric delivery

Our food delivery people often use electric delivery vans to cut down on fossil fuel consumption.

Water icon

We provide still + sparkling water on tap in our caffes + use glass carafes + glasses or biodegradable straws with our water coolers rather than plastic cups.


homemade cordials

We make our own range of homemade cordials for those who would like something tastier
than water but don’t want to take a drink in disposable packaging.

Upwards arrow

As our spaces and ideas  grow, so does our commitment to managing that growth in  a considerate way. We are always on the lookout for ways to improve the sustainability of our business.

planted 750 trees

To date we have planted around 1250 trees in our ‘wallywood’.

Find out more about this exciting project here.


inclusive employment policy

Wallacespace has an inclusive employment policy and we are committed to promoting sustainable best practice amongst employees.

Not For Profit icon

We work closely with The Reasons Why, a London-based Not For Profit supporting young offenders returning to work.

Santa hat

Every Xmas we invite our  teams to nominate charities to which we donate a percentage of our profits.


Everything! We have general and food recycling bins in every room and floor to put waste in. First Mile, our waste disposal people, collect and process waste responsibly through their award winning sorting facility. Waste is sorted, recycled, re-purposed or turned into green energy so nothing is sent to landfill.

If you don’t need to take your training materials back with you after your training has finished, we’re able to dispose of your materials through our usual recycling process or put them into confidential waste depending on how sensitive your documents are.

All our menus are seasonal and are locally sourced where possible. Our fish is MSC certified which means we only use fish that is sustainable, usually this is haddock, salmon and tuna. Our meat and veg are always fair-trade to help producers in developing countries achieve better trading condition.