creative, flexible meeting spaces in Central London

Your very own, private wallacespace

Do you need to get off the grid and book confidential, private spaces to plan for the future?

In response to a growing number of requests for private, self-contained space, we recently opened off the grid, a suite of rooms in Covent Garden, entirely separate from our existing spaces and run with discretion and confidentiality as an utmost priority.

If you need to ‘go dark’ for a P + C meeting, or simply wish to ensure you have no interruptions in your very own private wallacespace, this space is self-contained + completely private; like an apartment so your groups can break off to work in separate rooms; a screening room, a brainstorming room and a caffè, plus the option to add a separate, additional board room space.

Off the grid is bookable daily, weekly or monthly.

Get in touch to find out more or to come and have a look around.

the suite of rooms @ off the grid

floor plan 3rd floor
4th floor plan
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