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With our new on-site video team, we have developed an exciting range of fully virtual and hybrid solutions, giving you more options when it comes to connecting with people. We understand that the range of hybrid and virtal options can feel confusing so we try to keep it simple – no jargon… just reliable and seamlessly professional ways to connect you with people around the world.

We’ve outlined some options below to give you ideas, but please do view these packages as a guide, rather than boxes that you must fit into.

And because it’s wallacespace, you can trust us to listen in order to better understand your event; we will never try to sell you something you don’t need, or force you to fit your event into a rigid, pre-determined package.

We listen and take time to fully understand your needs to give you the right solution for your event.

connect + collaborate (inc. in your DDR)

This ‘plug and play’ Hybrid meeting solution is included in the price of your room.

Everything will be set up and ready for you to use when you arrive, and our friendly teams are on hand with tech support should you need us.


Ideal for…

A mostly face-to face meeting or workshop, with a few people who cannot attend in person.

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connect and collaborate hybrid package

the pre-recorded content experience

When time is on your side, pre-recorded content is the best way to achieve a polished and professional presentation.  We can pre-record and playback key parts of your presentation so it appears live, meaning your performance is rehearsed and flawless, leaving you free to focus on live Q&A or any interactive elements.


Ideal for…

Company updates, webinars, interviews, case studies, focus groups, piece to camera.The pre-recorded option works well for anything that does not need to go live immediately or needs to be played out during your big event.

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space to film pre recrded content london

present like a pro

Take your video presentations to the next level of quality. For simple company announcements, stakeholder presentations, pitches or simply to improve the overall quality of your meeting or presentation, this is your go-to package.


Ideal for…

Smaller numbers of speakers presenting to any number of virtual participants. Premium quality meetings, pitches, announcements and presentations – when a Zoom call just won’t cut it + you need to look good, sound great + leave a strong impression.

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hybrid meeting technology london

simple studio experience

When you need to share your event beyond the people in the room… we can record, stream live and edit your content on-site. Be confident of reaching your audience seamlessly with this flexible studio option.

The action will look and sound just as good online as it does in person.


Ideal for…

Small scale events, panel discussions, stakeholder interviews, fireside chats and moderated Q&As. This setup is perfect for delivering a dynamic and engaging product to a virtual and on-site audience, when your presenters and speakers are live from the studio and in one place.

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high quality hybrid meetings london

complete studio experience

Great for larger, more complex events with a combination of onsite and global speakers.

We can host your hybrid or virtual event both on site and through our virtual broadcast studio providing a seamless integrated experience for all attendees.  So no matter where your speakers and audience are, they can all be part of your story.


Ideal for…

Large scale global conferences, AGM meetings, hybrid or completely virtual events. As a hugely experienced production team within the virtual event space, we know how to help you ensure that your content is as engaging as possible for a virtual audience.

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global virtual conference space london
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