Tech @ wallacespace

We take tech seriously. We understand the frustration of inconsistent broadband speeds + recognise the importance of being able to communicate virtually with those who can’t be physically in a meeting with you.

We deliver tech you can trust + our friendly, knowledgeable people are always on hand to help you out on the day, should you need us.

It’s helpful if you can tell us as much as you can about your AV/tech needs in advance, as it’s when we work together to plan your event as partners that we achieve the very best outcomes.

We’re always delighted to arrange face to face meetings or video calls with our onsite tech experts, so that you can ask questions and we can advise on the ideal solutions.


If you can’t see the equipment you need on this list, please just ask. Usually we’ll have it, if not we can almost always source what you need.

In all of our rooms you will find:

Available without charge – just ask:


How fast is your wifi?

We have 1gb upload and download speeds. As standard, we allocate 10 mbps per device, but if you need more than this please do just let us know.

I need to make a conference call, do I need to let you know in advance?

As long as we have a conference phone available we can arrange a call on the day for you. It’s always best to let us know in advance if possible, so we can make sure we have everything set up and tested for you, and so that so can share the dial in details in advance.

How about video conferencing, do I need to let you know in advance?

With video conferencing, the more notice you can give us, the better prepared we can be. We have a Skype for business account but you are welcome to use your own platform. The higher the number of people involved in your video conference, the greater the chance of things not going to plan, so if you have a big group, you are recording your session or if you have very specific requirements, let us know in advance and we’ll work with you to ensure we’re prepared for all eventualities.

Can I use your laptops?

Of course. If you will need more than one laptop or you have a special request, please let us know ahead of your event so that we can be sure we have availability.

Can I use my own laptop with your screens or projectors?

Yes. Please make sure you check with your IT department to see if your laptop is encrypted though, as sometimes company laptops will not work if you take them offsite. This can be a problem if you have files saved on your laptop but can’t access them on the day of the event. If you’re in any doubt at all, bring any files or presentations you need on a memory stick, or save them somewhere you know you will be able to access on the day.

Can I send you my presentation before an event, to preload ahead of time?

Most definitely. We can then test that everything is working ahead of time and have your presentation set up and ready to go for when you arrive.

I have a video in my presentation, is that a problem?

Absolutely not, but make sure you embed your video ahead of time. If you’re in any doubt at all, bring along a copy of the video on a memory stick and we’ll help you set it up.

Do you have Mac adaptors?

We have a wide selection of adaptors, not just just for Macs. We have really tried to think of everything, but if you have an unusual request please just check in advance. If we don’t have it already we’ll make sure we find one for you in advance. No charge – if you need it you can be sure that someone else will need it one day so just ask. We also keep a good stock of major brand laptop chargers and phone chargers, plus travel adaptors. Just come and ask us on the day.

What if I need something printing?

We have full colour printers that print in A5, A4 and A3. Our printers are not photo quality though, so if you have any special requirements let us know in advance. If you have more than 100 pages of printing we do charge a nominal amount to cover our costs, but anything less than that is on us.

Can I record my session?

Depending on your needs we can offer a variety of recording equipment, ranging from the free of charge (home-style HD video camcorder or dictaphone) to a much higher quality professional set up provided by our dedicated AV suppliers. Let us know what you need and we can advise you.