Service @ wallacespace

At wallacespace we do things a little differently. We believe in saying ‘yes’ and in providing service that ensures you can have the very best possible day. Our team of experts work with you to plan your day, anticipate pitfalls and to help your event run like clockwork, leaving you free to focus on what you came to us to do.

Our flexible, hands-on attitude means we can change the layout of your room mid-way through the day, store materials for you in advance of your session (and return them to your office if you have too much to carry on the day) or deal with last minute requests in a fleet of foot and ‘can-do’ manner .

We’ll also be delighted to arrange restaurants, hotels and parking for you. We’ve put together lots of local area information you may find useful for St Pancras, Clerkenwell,  Spitalfields and Covent Garden but do let us know if we can do anything to take the hassle out of these arrangements for you.

There are numerous other ways we can help take some of the stress away from your event, including making name badges, arranging cakes and flowers for special events, booking taxis, storing luggage, last minute printing, providing stimulus materials or just making you a proper cup of tea if you are too busy to grab one in the morning.

Of course, our clients put the benefits of this into words far better than we ever could. You can download some of our recent testimonials here, or have a look at them throughout the website. If you’d like to come and meet us and see the spaces for yourself please drop us a line at or call on 020 7395 1265 . We love to show people around, join us for lunch or breakfast if you have time, or if after work is more convenient stay for a glass of wine…


meeting room in london with example of great service


We had a wonderful and very productive session at wallacespace. As someone who is a bit of a geek about how environments facilitate creative work, I was both impressed and relieved by the one you have created. Three things stood out:

The room was light, there was space to move around and it was not ‘polished’. It didn’t feel like a conference room, but like a place where you could do what you wanted – stick things on walls, sit on the floor, whatever came to mind. In my experience, this sense of ‘permission’ is super important as a foundation for creative work
The staff were super friendly and helpful. You’ll obviously know this, but it makes such a difference to know there are a bunch of people ready – and happy – to help with sourcing stickers, or particular types of post its. This allowed me to focus my energies on the clients and getting as much out of the day as possible for them. The support of the staff really helped with this.
Might sound odd, but I loved the photos and bits of Roy Wallace’s electronic equipment around the place. It made me thing someone had thought about this. Miles better than the usual generic decor in rooms-for-hire, which can detract from creativity through its sheer blandness. Roy’s stuff kicked off a few very interesting trains of thought for me. I appreciate the personality that has gone into this.”

Matthew Burgess