Service @ wallacespace

At wallacespace we do things a little differently. We believe in saying ‘yes’ and in providing service that ensures you can have the very best possible day. We work with you to plan your day, anticipate pitfalls and to help your event run like clockwork, leaving you free to focus on what you came to us to do.

Our clients actually put this into words far better than we ever could. Here is what people have told us recently…


“We had a wonderful and very productive session at WallaceSpace. As someone who is a bit of a geek about how environments facilitate creative work, I was both impressed and relieved by the one you have created. Three things stood out:

The room was light, there was space to move around and it was not ‘polished’. It didn’t feel like a conference room, but like a place where you could do what you wanted – stick things on walls, sit on the floor, whatever came to mind. In my experience, this sense of ‘permission’ is super important as a foundation for creative work
The staff were super friendly and helpful. You’ll obviously know this, but it makes such a difference to know there are a bunch of people ready – and happy – to help with sourcing stickers, or particular types of post its. This allowed me to focus my energies on the clients and getting as much out of the day as possible for them. The support of the staff really helped with this.
Might sound odd, but I loved the photos and bits of Roy Wallace’s electronic equipment around the place. It made me thing someone had thought about this. Miles better than the usual generic decor in rooms-for-hire, which can detract from creativity through its sheer blandness. Roy’s stuff kicked off a few very interesting trains of thought for me. I appreciate the personality that has gone into this.”

Matthew Burgess


“We absolutely loved the venue and our attendees certainly seemed to agree with us through their evaluation forms! You and your staff created a very welcoming, friendly and comfortable environment. The venue was very clean and the extra little touches such as the products in the bathrooms and the assortments of snacks and drinks throughout the building really made our guests feel comfortable.

The food was exceptional… I can’t say thank you enough to you and your staff for the additional support you gave to us that was over and above what we normally have at this type of event. I am particularly grateful to you for jumping on our registration desk to help out, enabling us to get the event started whilst knowing that latecomers would be looked after. You demonstrated an extraordinary level of client focus and this really helped to make the day run very smoothly…

The rest of the staff were also so friendly towards both our team and our attendees and nothing was too much trouble. I felt that this allowed our guests to feel relaxed and well looked after so that they could fully enjoy the day. Thank you so very much! We would not hesitate to recommend your venue and would certainly feel confident to book future events with you.”

Rebecca Shoosmith
Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust


“Thank you so so much to you and your team for everything. Everything was so smooth, well set-up, nothing was too much trouble, and your team were always happy to help with a smile.

We’ve done a lot of events in our time, and this was by the far the easiest to organise and execute thanks to you guys. Not to mention the food was great, the chefs were chatty and understanding when we needed lunch later than planned, and everyone went crazy for the snacks and unlimited drinks. Overall value for money was outstanding and we hope to be back again really soon!” 

Kathryn Parkyn
Saatchi and Saatchi