The experience offer

Want to avoid the stress of planning an awayday? Take advantage of our many years’ experience and let us take the weight off your shoulders.

Our team will take care of everything from helping you book activities to timing your day down to a T and ensuring everything runs smoothly.

You can be as involved in the planning as you like. We will gauge what type of day you’re after and keep you in the loop with our thoughts and ideas to make sure you have the best-suited activities for your team.

We can even organise travel and accommodation if you are travelling far, or recommend local pubs and restaurants if you’d like to explore the area.

New team ideas

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Have you recently expanded the team or only ever met virtually? We have all kinds of ideas to break the ice and get new teams gelling by lunch.

We have found that the best types of activities for bonding new teams and building morale are collaborative. But this doesn’t have to mean building towers from newspaper, sticks and marshmallows. Instead try life-sized monopoly, treasure hunts or escape rooms.

Annual company updates & awaydays

We bring together hybrid teams on a daily basis, and company updates can be a great opportunity to encourage teams to mix with people they don’t see every day.

Our spaces are designed to facilitate water cooler moments which help turn a company update into a fun, social event. Enjoy breakfast in our caffe before heading to your meeting in one of our larger spaces. After a productive morning, fuel your team with a wallacespace lunch while we transform your space to suit your afternoon awayday activities.

We can organise wellness activities, such as meditation, pet yoga or terrarium workshops, or you can put your creativity to the test in a cooking class, cocktail-making class or terrazzo workshop.


Hackathons & creative brainstorming


Our larger spaces are perfect for productive hackathons or creative brainstorming sessions. The bright windows inspire creative thinking and our blank walls are waiting to be filled with your ideas.

Let us know what your day will entail and we will provide you with the best setup to achieve your goals.

Our teams will be on hand to change the layout of your room at any point and help with any tech. We also have breakout spaces throughout our buildings to brainstorm in smaller groups.

End your successful day with an activity such as a cocktail-making class, barista class, or simply stay on for wallacespace drinks and nibbles.

Big company events

Did you know you can take over a whole wallacespace building for your event? Our clients have hosted leadership and academy events, presentations, networking and even whole building wellness retreats.

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I just wanted to say a huge thank you to your entire team who were just fantastic today – it was one of our best team away-days by a mile and the support you gave throughout the day was just exceptional,  so thank you again for everything. Thank you again, we look forward to working with you again – hopefully in the not too distant future.


Rail Delivery Group